“I learned more about myself in the last four days than I had in the previous 39 years.”
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“Human element training helped me see how I interact with others & why I react the way I do.”
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Experience the World in a New Way

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The Human Element

The Human Element Seminar is an experiential training that addresses how individuals see themselves, how they relate to internal and external customers and how they actively fit and participate in their organization’s goals and objectives.

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Partners for Performance is an organizational development firm specializing in helping people enhance self-esteem, actualization, and determination resulting in improved effectiveness and increased productivity for organizations. We also specialize in communication, strategic planning, and quality and process improvement.

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Fresh air, beautiful views and sunrises that take your breath away. The beauty and peace of Maine enables you to let go of the day-to-day routine, relax, and absorb all that the Human Element® and other training have to give. Or we will set up an off site in your area.

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