What is Human Element® Training?

Once in a professional career a learning opportunity comes along that delivers a life changing experience. The Human Element is such an experience.

The Human Element represents the life’s work of distinguished Dr. Will Schutz author of several books and diagnostic instruments including Joy and The Human Element. Participants develop sophisticated leadership and communication skills, learn to use the truth option and practice the concept of personal choice and responsibility.

The Human Element Seminar is an experiential training that addresses how individuals see themselves, how they relate to internal and external customers and how they actively fit and participate in their organizations goals and objectives.

The seminar begins early each day and runs late into the evening. The Human Element is based on immersion and each individual and the group as a whole will be challenged to develop to their fullest capacity. Schutz’s widely known Human Element Instruments will be used addressing the areas of leadership, openness, behavior, feelings, self, and team compatibility.

Sessions are facilitated by Rolanda Klapatch and Brian Warren of Partners For Performance who are Human Element Trainers having studied directly under Dr. Will Schutz. They have worked on a national basis providing training in the Human Element with resounding success.

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